Touch Free Hand Sanitizer Stands

Key Features

Dispenses hand sanitizer for up to 6000 times from one refill. Reliable protection for your customers and employees in any public areas with intensive flow of people.

Power for stand is supplied by 6 x D battery or 12V transformer. Battery version includes a waterproof battery box. Electricity version includes a 12V universal transformer with options for US/UK/EU/AU plugs. There is an option to place both power sources in one product.

Nothing to press or step on! Built in IR sensor traces your hand and peristaltic pump fills disinfectant in it.

Dispensers are supplied by Stern Engineering Ltd. - company with ovlg 4 col-md-6 col-sm-120 years of experience and worldwide leader in producing touch free faucets and automatic dispensers.

Stands are sold as complete portable units, which arrive ready for immediate placement and start to use.

Stand is very cost-effective and low maintenance. It’s not often to change batteries and fill disinfectant tank.

Stands are available in different colors as well as individual branding of the front panel.

You are not tied to any particular disinfectant supplier. The stand is equipped with an easily refillable 6 liter tank and is suitable for use with any brand of hand sanitizers, with a viscosity of up lg 4 col-md-6 col-sm-12800 cPs.

Today hand sanitizers play a key role in public places to keep people safe.

It is our responsibility to do our best to keep viruses from spreading between us. JPD has done its best by developing a touch free hand sanitizer stand that is reliable choice in any area with intensive flow of people.

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